That’s right folks, thanks to Metropolis Touring, we have the honour of warming up the Hi-Fi stage for the upcoming¬†Scandinavian Metal Storm that brings back Swedish legends The Haunted & Finland’s Insomnium to our shores for the first time ever!

It goes without saying that this is something you don’t want to miss out on, so we’re gonna give all of our loyal fans exclusive access to the most economical way to get your shit done!

But first, just soak this in!

If you would like to save some of that hard earned cash to see this show, follow me below!

Tix from us = $40 (+postage where applicable) Vs at the door = $65+ You do the math!

How: Just visit us at “”¬†swing us a like and a message, and we’ll hook you up. Simple as that! There’s a pretty good chance one of us will personally deliver your ticket if you’re in Brisbane!

If there’s anyone who has an aversion to cash, doesn’t want any of us rocking up to their house (understandable) or lives in another state, head over to “” and you can get your tix online!

Let’s wake this In Death beast from it’s temporary slumber guys. We’re coming back! Time to party!