Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t heard yet, we have now officially welcomed Brian Page as a full time member of In Death…

See below for the reaction to us asking Brian if he would like to be part of a successful, hard working, talented band (Thanks to Amanda Brenchley Photography)

Brian was at first, filling in for us on a temporary basis, but kept kicking ass and getting more and more shows with us under his belt and eventually it just seemed like a natural progression to have him involved full time. The seamless transition from one solidified band member to a new guy does not come easy, and for this, Brian deserves all the credit. Cheers B you mad bastard, your efforts in stepping up to the plate are much appreciated!

So, down to business! These two sexy motherfuckers are now proudly sporting ESP axes and abusing the shit out of em like any good lads should! Unfortunately, this means we now have two of these lunatics that insist on promo shots in the toilet.

So all in all, pretty cool hey! When we do make our return to the stage, prepare your bung holes. It truly will be a case of intimidation through superior firepower!